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Release Notes

Latest release (R14.0.11)
Older v3.5.x release notes.


Installing from a Package Manager

To set up Trinity on your computer, you may wish to visit the appropriate installation page:

Installing from Source

How to Build TDE Core Modules

How to Build Extra Applications (K3B, amaroK, KOffice, Kaffeine...)

Notes on GIT Sources

Suggested Build Flags for specific distributions (currently Ubuntu and Debian, with a note on OpenSuSE)

LiveCDs with Trinity

Each of these LiveCDs comes with the Trinity Desktop Environment preinstalled, so that you can try it out without having to mess around with installing it in your main environment. Unless otherwise marked, all of them contain the most recent version of Trinity.


Tips and Tricks

Make sure to check out the Tips and Tricks page for contributions by TDE users.

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