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Slax is a pocket operating system. Previously, it was based on the Slackware distribution and contained a minimized KDE 3.x. After sleep for several years, Slax was again awakened. It has undergone several major changes – it is now based on Debian and includes a simple desktop environment.

With the new Slax based on Debian, it is much easier to prepare other variants of desktop environments for Slax. That's why we've prepared Slax images containing our favorite Trinity Desktop Environment!

Trinity on Slax

In the base image of Slax with Trinity it contains only the basic environment and a few useful applications – see the meta-package trinity-slax. This is to keep the small size of image. However, there is also added a complete Trinity apt source – Preliminary Stable Builds, so you can simply install any other Trinity and Debian packages.

Images for download

Slax is based on a stable version of Debian. Slax with Trinity is based on the current version of Slax. Images are available for download on the mirror:

Slax with Trinity