MX Linux Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

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On this page you can read the instructions to install Trinity Desktop Environment on your MX Linux system.

MX Linux Summary

MX Linux uses a combination of official Debian stable and antiX repositories in addition to their own repositories for keeping components current. MX Linux releases once per year and its versions are named based upon the year (MX-18 was released December 20, 2018).

Systemd is included by default but not enabled. No official support will be provided for users who choose to run MX Linux using systemd (see MX Users Manual for additional information).


Warnings / Notes

There are no official TDE packages available for MX Linux. Per MX Linux forums, TDE has been installed sporadically on MX Linux back to ~2015. Michael has been running TDE in MX-18 (since 01/19) and MX-19 (since 07/20).

You can still install TDE in your computer in one of the following ways.

Available versions and architectures

R14.0.x series

Use official TDE packages for Debian. Modify the instructions available at this page with the below and use the corresponding Debian version as noted here.

  • MX-19 - Use debian buster packages
  • MX-18 - Use debian stretch packages
  • MX-17 - Use debian stretch packages

{Needs to be finalized: For MX-19, you can use the posted to the trinity-users mailing list. I'll update/upload it to this page when finalized. Until then, you can follow the manual instructions here.}

MX Linux uses a sources list directory system not a /etc/apt/sources.list file. Add the package manager lines as shown on the Configure the package manager section to a file and place it in the directory /etc/apt/sources.list.d

Example MX-18:

root@local [/etc/apt/sources.list.d]# cat trinity-desktop-environment.list

## Trinity Desktop Environment - TDE R14.0.x
deb stretch main
deb stretch main
deb-src stretch main
deb-src stretch main


There is no support for this TDE version in MX Linux.