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This category contains development-related and API documentation for the Trinity Desktop Environment.

Delevoping for Trinity

New to Trinity development?

Take a look at the following articles:

QT3 API Documentation

TDE Gitea Workspace

TDE Weblate Translation Workspace

Project GIT Information

Project RoadMap


Porting KDE3/Qt3 apps to Trinity

Building and Distributing Trinity

Installing Nightly Builds

How to Build TDE Core Modules

How to Build Extra Applications

See also pages in Category:Packagers.

Tutorials and Documentation for QT and TQT

Understanding the TQT Interface

QT3 API Documentation

QT4 API Documentation

Qt3 to Qt4 porting guide

Tutorials and Documentation for Trinity

Trinity API Documentation

Sample Applications

Tutorials and Documentation for KDE3

Information in this section should be used with care, as it was not written for the current version of Trinity. However, much of it still applies. If you know of any other interesting KDE3 documentation or tutorials, please add them to this section.

KDE 3.5 API Reference

The original API reference, at

KDE3 Architecture

The architecture pages detail how everything was originally supposed to fit together. Ported from the KDE wiki.

KDE3 Tutorials

On everything from using kdevelop to writing dcop-aware applications to creating window themes. Ported from the KDE wiki.

KDE3 Filesystem Hierarchy

Ported from the KDE wiki and verified against a working KDE3 instance.

KDE3 Compilation Requirements

Mandatory and optional packages for building KDE3, most of which are still used by Trinity.

Building KDE 3.5

Build instructions for using the pre-cmake system.

GUI Programming with Python: QT Edition

Boudewijn Rempt - Copyright © 2001 by Commandprompt, Inc

The main topic of this book is application development using PyQt.

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