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Trinity Desktop Environment Specifications

This page lists all specifications for future Trinity development

If you would like to see a brand new feature or significant enhancement included in Trinity, feel free to create a specification of your own.

You will need to file a bug at with a link to the specification for the Trinity developers to initiate work on it.

USERS: If you or the community have an urgent need for an enhancement, a bounty program is available. An individual or group can sponsor work on a project; please create a specification detailing the requested enhancement, then contact Timothy Pearson for more information.

DEVELOPERS: Have a feature in mind that you think the community might be willing to sponsor work on? Create a specification and contact Timothy Pearson for possible inclusion in the bounty program. Please be aware that other developers may decide to implement the feature at no cost depending on their free time.

Available Specifications

This is a list of all specifications that have been added to the Wiki.