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  • Add basic HTML editing support to KMail
    • Create new basic HTML editor widget with image capability
    • Create method (toolbar icon?) to insert new HTML images into the widget from files
    • Ensure replies to HTML formatted emails can be sent in HTML format
    • Ensure that forwarded messages retain HTML format
  • HTML Editor Widget Specifications
    • Parse input HTML provided as TQString
    • Allow editing of basic HTML elements
      • Text Formatting
        • Any installed font can be applied to selected text
        • Selected text can be underlined, italicized or bolded
        • The color of selected text can be changed
        • The size of selected text can be changed
      • Tables
        • New tables can be inserted
        • Rows and columns can be added or deleted
        • Borders can be turned on or off
        • Cell formatting such as alignment and background color can be set
        • Cells can be merged
        • Tables can be sized and centered
      • Structured formatting
        • Multi-Level Bulleted lists
        • Multi-Level Numbered lists
        • Indented sections
      • Miscellaneous
        • Selected text can be turned into a link or if already a link the process can be reversed
        • Pasted material from another HTML source retains formatting
        • Selected and copied material can be pasted in other applications, retaining formatting
        • Pasted form controls can be selected and deleted
      • In-Line Images
        • From File
        • From Clipboard
      • Raw HTML mode?
    • Output HTML provided as TQString
    • Included images provided as a TQPtrList? of TQImage objects
    • Include Doxygen-comaptible comments in source code for API documentation
    • Use platform independent Webkit library to ease later KDE4 port