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KSSL is a TDE library which provides a wrapper around OpenSSL. KSSL is part of TDEIO and included in the standard TDE libraries (tdelibs).


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This section contains various technical notes about specific points in the architecture of KSSL. Expand as you see fit.

Root Certificates

Root certificates (which can be used for verifying websites, e-mail or signatures) are stored for convenience in two files, ksslcalist and ca-bundle.crt. The first one is a TDE configuration file (that is, it has ini-like structure and can be accessed by the TDEConfig class) and the second one is a simple text file, containing a bunch of X.509 certificates for website verification. The certificates in this file are a subset of ksslcalist and, despite being packaged, can be regenerated by KSSLD after a modification of the system ksslcalist file takes place (see here).