Nightly Builds

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Nightly builds are available for testing and contain the latest available (possibly unstable) version of TDE currently under development. Packages are only available for Ubuntu/Debian.


Please note that access to nightly builds is currently restricted due to limited server bandwidth. Before you can access them, you need to contact Timothy Pearson at and get a valid user name

Installing Nightly Builds

To install nightly builds you need to add a few lines to your /etc/apt/sources.list. You will also need to remove the regular trinity repositories from that file.

Please replace all references to <your-distribution> with your appropriate version (e.g "wheezy" or "vivid") and replace all references to <your-username> with the one provided to you.

# Trinity nightly builds
deb http://<your-username> <your-distribution> main
deb http://<your-username> <your-distribution> main

# This lines are optional
deb-src http://<your-username> <your-distribution> main
deb-src http://<your-username> <your-distribution> main