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This page details the direction the Trinity project is heading in.

Individual Targets

Goal Target Version Assigned Developer(s) Status Notes
Reduce the number of PaperCut bugs currently open on the bug tracker R14.0.0 See the Monthly Bugs list for more information. This is now mandatory.
Add Qt4 support to Trinity Qt Interface none Timothy Pearson 60+% Stalled due to continual upstream Qt4 bugs and extremely poor Qt4 performance
Migrate Automake to CMake R15.0.0 Serghei Amelian and Slavek Banko Check the Cmake Checklist for details. R14.0.0 is now a mix.
Migrate HAL to udev R14.0.0 Timothy Pearson Done Most distributions are dropping HAL, even patching KDE4 to do it. We must as well.
Migrate to toolkit-independent WebKit backend for all HTML rendering After R15.0.0 Must be done after port to Qt4 is finished

Release Schedule

Version Date Notes
3.5.13 11-01-11
R14.0.0 Q4 2014
R15.0.0 TBD

Have something to contribute? Discuss it on the #trinity-desktop channel,, or when we have a meeting.

Check out our monthly meetings! for information on meetings and previously held meeting, see the Monthly Meeting Information page.