Trinity Registration Dialog Specification

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This page details the functionality and interface desired for the TDE Registration Dialog

Desired outcome: Each installation of Trinity is (optionally) registered by its MAC address. The following information would be automatically collected:

  • MAC address
  • Distribution name and version, if the distribution has versions
  • Installed packages (?)
  • Disk type/size (System root only, or all installed disks?)
  • CPU type/speed
  • RAM size/speed
  • Type of machine: PC/notebook/netbook/tablet
  • Videocard chipset (intel/ati/nvidia), maybe the model of videocard
  • Video drivers (proprietary/opensource)
  • Kernel version
  • Xorg version
  • Trinity version

Optionally, the user could elect to sign up for the trinity-users mailing list by providing an Email address. He or she could also tie a system to his or her name if desired.

The dialog needs to be designed so that:

  • The user knows EXACTLY what is being sent to the Trinity server
  • He or she is inclined to hit Submit instead of Cancel (i.e. it needs to be attractive, simple, and easy)