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The Trinity Desktop Environment is a complete software desktop environment designed for Unix-like operating systems, intended for computer users preferring a traditional desktop model, and is free/libre software.

R14.0.11 is the eleventh maintenance release of the R14.0 series and it builts on and improves the previous maintenance versions.
Maintenance releases are intended to promptly bring bug fixes and new features to users, while preserving overall stability through the avoidance of both major API or feature changes and major codebase re-factoring.

Trinity R14.0.11 Desktop Trinity R14.0.11 Desktop

R14.0.11 Release Notes

This section highlights some of the most important fixes introduced by this maintenance release.

  • New applications
    • Twin style SUSE2 - Twin decoration theme from SUSE 9.3/10.0/10.1.
    • Twin style DeKorator - a pixmap-based theme engine and styles for Twin.
    • TDEAsciiquarium - an ASCII art aquarium screensaver.
    • tdeio-gopher - tdeio slave for gopher protocol.
    • tdesshaskpass - a TDE version of ssh-askpass with TDEWallet support.
  • Enhancements
    • Added support for variable font DPI (range 64-512) in user session. This helps usability on high resolution screens.
    • Updated Akode's FFmpeg decoder to FFmpeg 4.x API.
    • Revamped Konqueror's KWeather sidebar look and functionality.
    • Extended KXkb's flags and label setup options.
    • Added "reverse wheel direction" checkbox to TCC --> Window Behavior --> Titlebar/Window actions, to allow to customize the direction of the wheel event selected.
    • Keyboard shortcuts for classic TDE Menu search function is now customizable.
    • KNemo now uses the "sys" backend by default and is usable again.
    • Translation updates (thanks to all translators).
    • Several packages have been migrated to CMake build system.
    • Dropped automake build system for various packages.
    • Continued overall look polishing.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed building of several packages without tdehw lib.
    • Fixed hanging of programs caused by non conforming SVG files.
    • Fixed video (V4L2) support in Kopete, camera can now be used.
    • Fixed detection of modern gdb in KDbg.
    • Fixed "Print to PDF" for GhostScript >= 9.51.
    • Fixed OpenDesktop support in TDE Get New Stuff.
    • Fixed building tdesdk with glibc >= 2.34.
    • Added support for poppler 21.08.0.
    • Fixed k3b SEGV caused by AAC processing of specific files.
    • Added new IRC network
  • Security
    • KOrganizer no longer displays reminders on top of a locked screen (which could have revealed personal information).
  • Renamings
    • kbookreader: installation files have been renamed from "bookreader" to "kbookreader".
    • mplayerthumbs: installation files have been renamed from "mplayerthumbs" to "mplayer-thumbnailer".
  • Distro support
    • Added Fedora 34 and 35.
    • Dropped Debian Wheezy, Raspbian Jessie, Ubuntu Disco and Eoan.
    • Added Debian Bullseye, Ubuntu Impish.
    • Added Arch.
  • Additional info for developers/packagers
    • The CMake module was moved to a standalone package (cmake-trinity) and is no longer a submodule. The stand alone package is now used as a build dependency.
    • The "applications" folder has been rearranged in sub categories.
    • tqca-tls is now part of the tqca package.
    • Deb-like distros: switched build to ninja by default.

The full list of changes is available at these locations (please note that the two lists complement each others, they are not duplicates):

Getting TDE

Installation instructions and binary packages are immediately available for Debian, Devuan, Raspbian, and Ubuntu. Packages are also available for Arch. Packages for RedHat/CentOs, Fedora, Mageia, OpenSUSE, and PCLinuxOS are being built by their respective maintainers and may be already available or will be soon.

Live CDs with TDE R14.0.11 preinstalled are or will be available soon on the LiveCDs page.

Previous R14.0 Release Notes

Release notes for previous versions of TDE are avaiable at these links.

Previous release (R14.0.10)

FreeBSD Support

TDE continues to offer support for FreeBSD, although still partial given some of the new issues that have arisen with the latest versions of FreeBSD. The TDE team will try their best to improve support for FreeBSD but progress will probably be slow. Additional developers or contributors willing to help porting the remaining features and applications are always welcome.

Trinity R14.0.10 Desktop on FreeBSD

Credits and acknowledgements

We thanks all the people that are (or have been) involved in making TDE the great desktop environment that it is.


We would like to thank IntegriCloud for kindly providing a powerful physical server based on a secure POWER9 architecture that serves as the TDE primary host and as a very powerful builder for ppc64el packages.

We would like to thank vpsFree for kindly providing free hosting for some of the TDE services, most notably our self-hosted TDE Gitea Workspace and TDE Weblate Translation Workspace.

We would like to thank all the mirrors for kindly providing free hosting for the TDE packages and archive.


We would like to thank all the people who have used the TDE Weblate Translation Workspace to improve translations for many languages. We are looking forward for further contributions in future.

  • Czech
    • Slávek Banko (6339)
  • Esperanto
    • Mavridis Philippe (28)
  • French
    • Mavridis Philippe (2)
  • Greek
    • Mavridis Philippe (570)
  • Italian
    • Michele Calgaro (2623)
  • Polish
    • Jan Stolarek (60)
    • Marek W (553)
  • Portuguese
    • Hugo Carvalho (52)
  • Russian
    • Andrey (Андрей) (38)
    • Mavridis Philippe (426)
  • Spanish
    • Victor Galvez (56)
  • Ukrainian
    • Roman Savochenko (658)

Contribute to TDE development

The TDE development team is small but friendly. If you wish to participate in the TDE development process, please visit the Get involved page for additional information.

There are many things you can contribute to, from documentation review to bug fixes as well as brand new software features or applications.

Feedback from our users is also an integral part of a large scale, user-experience oriented project such as TDE. Whether you want to report a bug, suggest an improvement or simply let us know your opinion about TDE, please feel free to contact us. Three good places to start communication are the official TGW site (user guide here), the project's mailing lists and the bug tracker.

Creating TDE requires significant computing resources and bandwidth. Please consider helping to keep us online with a donation on our donations page. Without your financial assistance, TDE would not be possible!