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These files are not part of the Trinity Project. The content hosted below has been provided by TDE users on their own will. If you have a copyright/DMCA complaint, please contact Timothy Pearson and appropriate action will be taken.
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Note to users
If you add your own screenshots, please make sure to use a small thumbnail version (300 pixel wide) on this page and the full version as a linked page.

Alexandre Couture
Alexandre Couture 1 thumb.jpg
David Bouley
Tde screen1 thumb.jpg Tde screen2 thumb.jpg Tde screen3 thumb.jpg

David Rankin
David Rankin 1 thumb.jpg

Diego Vadell
Diego Vadell 1 thumb.jpg Diego Vadell 2 thumb.jpg Diego Vadell 3 thumb.jpg

D.R. Evans
DR Evans desktop thumb.png

Hunter Ellett
HuntersScreenshot1 thumb.png HuntersScreenshot2 thumb.png Hunter Ellett 1 thumb.png

Marvin Jones
Jonesy-KISS TDE desktop thumb.jpg

Michele Calgaro
TDE-screen1 thumb.png Screenshot2-1 thumb.jpg Tde5 thumb.png

Nikolaus Klepp
Nikolaus Klepp 1 thumb.jpg Nikolaus Klepp 2 thumb.jpg Nikolaus Klepp 3 thumb.jpg
Nikolaus Klepp 4 thumb.jpg Nik2 thumb.png
Nikolaus Klepp 5 thumb.jpg Nikolaus Klepp 6 thumb.jpg

Philippe Mavridis
Philippe-screen-thumb.png TDE+E16 thumb.png Blu256-deKorator-autumn-thumb.png

Thierry de Coulon
Thierry de Coulon 1 thumb.jpg Thierry de Coulon 2 thumb.jpg

William Morder
William Morder 1 thumb.jpg William Morder 2 thumb.jpg William Morder 3 thumb.jpg
William Morder 4 thumb.jpg William Morder 5 thumb.jpg William Morder 6 thumb.jpg