Arch Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

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The current latest release (R14.1.1) is available for Arch in the form of prebuilt packages for x86_64, aarch64 and armv7h architectures.


1. Add official Trinity ArchLinux repository to /etc/pacman.conf on your system:

 Server =$arch

2. Fetch GPG key and add to pacman keychain on your system:

# pacman-key --recv-key  D6D6FAA25E9A3E4ECD9FBDBEC93AF1698685AD8B
# pacman-key --lsign-key D6D6FAA25E9A3E4ECD9FBDBEC93AF1698685AD8B

3. Synchronize Pacman databases (optionally update your system):

# pacman -Sy

4. Install the necessary packages.

e.g. for a full Trinity installation:
# pacman -S tde-meta