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This page is meant to be a collection of answers to questions frequently coming up on the users' mailing list.

You can use the table of contents below or your browser's in-page search feature (usually Ctrl+F) to find relevant information.

Q1 How do I make Gtk+/Qt apps use the Trinity style/colors/fonts?

Keywords: toolkit, consistency, look and feel


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This theme engine is known to cause mysterious startup crashes in some applications (e.g.

Install the Gtk+2 TQt engine (gtk-tqt-engine). Then configure it via Trinity Control Center > Appearance > GTK Styles and Fonts.


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This will not work with Gtk+3 versions 3.20 and later.

Install the Gtk+3 TQt engine (gtk-tqt-engine). Then configure it in the same way as the Gtk+2 style.


Start Qt4's qtconfig (might be named qtconfig-qt4 or similarly on your system). In the option Select GUI Style pick GTK+ from the drop-down menu.

You will have to pick the appropriate fonts manually.


Install qt5ct and the Gtk+ style plugin for Qt5 (probably in a package named something like qt5-styleplugins).

Then, make Qt5 use qt5ct settings by means of the appropriate environment variable:


You can put this line in your .bashrc for the current user or in a script in the /etc/profile.d directory to set it system-wide.

Next, start qt5ct and select Gtk2 as your Qt5 style.

Once again, you will have to pick the appropriate fonts manually.