Package Building QA Check List

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  • Check two apps in each menu category of the T-Menu to verify the Help file handbook is available.
  • Run a system test looking for broken sym links. A short shell script:
find / -path '/proc' -prune -o -path '/dev' -prune -o -path '/home' -prune -o -path '/mnt' -prune -o -path '/sys' -prune -o -type l -print | perl -nle '-e || print'
  • Do all apps in the T-Menu start?
  • Check the xsession logs for unexpected or unusual errors and messages.
  • Do kdesu/kdesudo work as expected for your distro?
  • Look (grep) for the following errors in build logs:
No such file or directory
Integer expression expected
unary operator expected
`:='-style assignments are not portable
. . . is not portable
WARNING: xxx: accepted by the compiler, rejected by the preprocessor!
CMake Warning:
unknown icon type
WARNING: unrecognized options:

-- DarrellAnderson - 03 Dec 2011