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Short summary of the two list serve threads:

System is a clean install of Ubuntu 14.04 and TDE R14.0.3, with an upgrade to R14.0.4 when it became available.

It is highly desired if explanations or corrections can be added to this page for:

 Improper? use of 'full-upgrade'
 What to do with these 'kept back' packages:
 kcontrol-trinity kdesktop-trinity kfind-trinity kicker-trinity
 konq-plugins-trinity konqueror-trinity kpersonalizer-trinity
 ksmserver-trinity ksplash-engine-moodin-trinity ksplash-trinity
 tdeaddons-trinity tdebase-data-trinity
 tdebase-tdeio-plugins-trinity tdebase-trinity-bin tdm-trinity