Fedora Trinity Repository Installation Instructions

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This page provides instructions on how to install Trinity Desktop Environment on Fedora systems.

Configure the supplementary 3rdparty repositories

Install RPMFUSION repository: http://rpmfusion.org/Configuration

Download the repo configuration file corresponding to your distribution (as root user)

For Fedora 39 (R14.1.2)

# rpm -Uvh http://mirror.ppa.trinitydesktop.org/trinity/rpm/f39/trinity-r14/RPMS/noarch/trinity-repo-14.1.2-1.fc39.noarch.rpm

For Fedora 40 (R14.1.2)

# rpm -Uvh http://mirror.ppa.trinitydesktop.org/trinity/rpm/f40/trinity-r14/RPMS/noarch/trinity-repo-14.1.2-1.fc40.noarch.rpm

Install the Trinity desktop environment

Choose one of the following scenarios.

Minimalistic TDE

# dnf install trinity-tdebase

Entire TDE

# dnf install trinity-desktop

Entire TDE + all applications

# dnf install trinity-desktop-all

(Optional) Install your locale translation package

e.g, for French translation:

TDE translations

# dnf install trinity-tde-i18n-French

Koffice translations

# dnf install trinity-koffice-i18n-French

K3B translations

# dnf install trinity-k3b-i18n-French

Gwenview translations (all languages)

# dnf install trinity-gwenview-i18n

Note: you can obtain a list of available TDE packages with the following command:

# dnf search trinity-

(Optional) Set TDM as the default display manager

You must disable your current DM (e.g. KDM, GDM, XDM ...) service and then enable the TDM service.

# systemctl disable gdm.service
# systemctl disable kdm.service
# systemctl disable xdm.service
# systemctl disable lightdm.service
# systemctl disable lxdm.service
# systemctl enable tdm.service

Then reboot your computer.