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Monthly Meetings

Every month we host meetings to help stay organized. The meetings typically consist of previously decided upon topics, as well as anything thing else that is pertinent. All are welcome to sit in on the meeting and participation is encouraged! The meetings are announced on the Trinity Mailing List, and take place in #trinty-desktop-meeting on the IRC network. During the meetings we keep logs and we use a meetbot to keep things moving, as well as to refer to later.

We organize the meetings beforehand via the Etherpad. listing possible discussion topics. Also, meeting minutes will be posted from each meeting on the wiki, links for both are provided below.

-- CalvinMorrison - 18 Jun 2011

Previous Meetings

2011 Meetings

March Meeting 3/16/2011

Meeting Topics:

Channel Log: trinity-desktop-meeting.2011-03-16-23.22.log.html

Meeting Minutes: trinity-desktop-meeting.2011-03-16-23.22.html

April Meeting 4/19/2011

Meeting Topics:

Channel Log: trinity-desktop-meeting.2011-04-19-18.23.log.html

Meeting Minutes: trinity-desktop-meeting.2011-04-19-18.23.html

May Meeting 5/x/2011

The month of May continued progress on CMake, and no other important things came up, we opted to not host a meeting for it. Robert Xu announced it: Later in the month we had an extended and unexpected outage, and progress was slowed. Therefore any important topics were on hold until the June meeting.

June Meeting 6/18/2011

Starting in June we have decided to also create a follow up etherpad, to check the progress of the project. Before this move, many assigned things did not get accomplished. This will help us keep everyone on track, and it will help keep developers, and users informed about current work.

Meeting Topics:

Channel Log: trinity-desktop-meeting.2011-06-18-19.06.log.html

Meeting Minutes: trinity-desktop-meeting.2011-06-18-19.06.log.html

Meeting Progress: