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LinuxCNC does not start

If you try to run LinuxCNC on TDE and LinuxCNC refuses to start with some cryptic error referencing "BACKGROUND not defined" or alike, then just upgrade LinuxCNC. This issue was solved in the latest stable LinuxCNC build.

Log out of current TDE session

You can log out of the current TDE session and possibly shut down the system automaticly (depending on your TDE configuration):

dcop kdesktop default logout

You can append three parameters "confirm", "type", "mode" to determine the logout behaviour according to the following values:

First parameter "confirm"
-1 -- Obey the user's confirmation setting
0 -- Don't confirm, shutdown without asking
1 -- Always confirm, ask even if the user turned it off
Second parameter "type"
-1 -- Select previous action or the default if it's the first time
0 -- Only log out
1 -- Log out and reboot the machine
2 -- Log out and halt the machine
Third parameter "mode"
-1 -- Select previous mode or the default if it's the first time
0 -- Schedule a shutdown (halt or reboot) for the time all active sessions have exited
1 -- Shut down, if no sessions are active. Otherwise do nothing
2 -- Force shutdown. Kill any possibly active sessions
3 -- Pop up a dialog asking the user what to do if sessions are still active

Don't ask, log out and halt machine, and kill any session:

dcop ksmserver default logout 0 2 2